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my mistake...NOT 3 micron......3 degrees

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Sorry, but 3 micron is NOT the angle, that is the section thickness.  The 
angle adjustment is on the side of the knife holder usually marked with 0, 
5, and 10  with 5 equal to 10 degrees on my Leica.
If you take the bottom slash mark of holder and move it to back, so it 
equals around 6 aka 12 degrees or so, keep working with it, you should find 
the correct angle for your particular blade.  Some blades are better than 
others - you can always try another source.  Richard Allan Edge Rite are 
good, have tried some of Thermo Electrons aka Shandons with success and 
Dura Edge - get samples.

   With low profiles, depending on manufacturer of blades, you might have 
to increase the angle to around 12 degrees or even more - differing from 
high profile.  I have never found any difference in sharpness between high 
and low profiles, but I have found stability differences.  We use high 
profiles for cryo and regular microtomy in order to cut denser tissue 
without chatter and no compression.

At 07:58 AM 7/15/2004, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>  I have a Reichert-Jung 2030 microtome that I recently changed the back
>plate on so that we can use low profile blades. We're expriencing alot of
>problems in sectioning now, finding it extremely difficult to get a ribbon.
>The sections just compress at the blade. I've tried adjusting the angle,
>had been at 3 micron), didn't seem to help....any suggestions??????!!!???
>Thank you,
>Sue Kapoor, HT (ASCP)
>Histology Coordinator
>Kenosha Medical Center
>Kenosha, WI
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