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Hello Annette!  We have the original Benchmarks and we do all our depar. and retrieval on it.  As for slides, yes we use coated(charged) slides.  We have tried different vendors and have gotten good and bad results with ALL of them.  I think it's a slide manufacturer QC problem.  We dry them in a Desert Chamber at 70-75C for 15 min before loading on the Benchmark.  We use to decloak and pretreat, but with a little trial and error managed to move all of our pretreatments to the machines.  Good luck!

Juan C. Gutierrez, HT(ASCP)
Histology Laboratory Supervisor
Christus Santa Rosa Hospital
333 N. Santa Rosa Ave.
San Antonio, TX  78207

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Hi there,
Does anyone out there use this system and what is your procedure for cutting 
(micron thickness), drying time and temperature for slides or do you air dry 
using charge slides. And do you use a decloaker for deparaffinizing and 
antigen retrieval. 


Annette Hart, HT (ASCP)
Wyoming Valley Health Care System
Wilkes-Barre, PA 
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