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 If you use the OCT sparingly, it should not add any significant time.  The tissue freezes in seconds.  One or two more seconds, OK.  

Note that you can store the tissue in the isopentane for months no problem.  It will need to temperature equilibrate in the cyrostat, but keep that period as short as possible to avoid ice crystal reformation.

We offer an instrument for isopentane freezing, so you always have the cold fluid availbable, and it doesn't evaporate.  See the link below:

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Subject: [Histonet] OCT und freezing time

Hello experts,

I want to freezer my tissue quickly in OCT to preserve tissue architecture and macromolecules (RNA, DNA, etc) in isopentane at -80C.
Does anybody know, how much longer you should immerse an *OCT-embedded tissue* compared to a *naked tissue* (not OCT-embedded) ?

Thanx in advance.



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