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We use a modified trichrome called a Klatskin stain (after Dr Klatskin, a famous liver pathologist who developed the stain).  The collagen is blue (analine blue), the liver cells are red (Ponceau Red) but stain variably dark depending on the 'granularity' of the cells.  Nuclei are blue/purple of course (Gills).  Not certain if this would be of help since you are concerned about red liver cells against red muscle but the Ponceau does tend to stain each with a slightly different shade.

Good luck,

Joe Galbraith

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Hi all!

I have a question for you liver people out there.. Is there a trichrome 
stain out there they people use that will stain collagen as usual and NOT 
stain hepatocytes red or so red like the muscle in the trichrome? I (yet 
again) have a researcher that would like a trichrome on livers but would 
like to see the hepatocytes less red or ideally a different color. This is 
on FFPE tissue. Thanks!

Kathy Cormier

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