RE: [Histonet] Formalin fix---then freeze?

From:"Connie McManus"

I was wondering if you could do IFA staining on formalin fixed frozen
sections.  If antigen retrieval is necessary in PPFE, would that same
antigen require retrieval for the IFA?  It seems logical to me that it
does, but I wonder if anyone has done this before.  

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Thank you all for the great response.  What would we do without the
histonet?  You guys are wonderful.

Kathy Mink

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Hi Kathy:

    This method is very do-able, is common and does make sense; you get 
the benefits of fixation (better morphology) and benefits of frozen 
sections (fat stains, immuno stains). I would suggest throwing in a 
cryoprotection step (20-30% sucrose overnight in the refrigerator) after

washing out the formalin and, of course, rapid freezing to avoid ice 
crystal artifacts.


KMIN (Kathy Mink) wrote:

>I have been asked an unusual (stupid?) question and hope someone can
help.  Is it possible to formalin fix a tissue and then put it in OCT
and freeze it to cut frozen sections?  I know it doesn't make much sense
but apparently a contract we have was worded this way (obviously not
proof read by the pathologist) and now I need to treat the tissue this
way if possible.  Help!
>Kathy Mink
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