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From:"KMIN (Kathy Mink)"

Thank you all for the great response.  What would we do without the histonet?  You guys are wonderful.

Kathy Mink

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Hi Kathy:

    This method is very do-able, is common and does make sense; you get 
the benefits of fixation (better morphology) and benefits of frozen 
sections (fat stains, immuno stains). I would suggest throwing in a 
cryoprotection step (20-30% sucrose overnight in the refrigerator) after 
washing out the formalin and, of course, rapid freezing to avoid ice 
crystal artifacts.


KMIN (Kathy Mink) wrote:

>I have been asked an unusual (stupid?) question and hope someone can help.  Is it possible to formalin fix a tissue and then put it in OCT and freeze it to cut frozen sections?  I know it doesn't make much sense but apparently a contract we have was worded this way (obviously not proof read by the pathologist) and now I need to treat the tissue this way if possible.  Help!
>Kathy Mink
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