RE: [Histonet] Fading of Hematoxylin

From:"Barry R Rittman"

Most permanent mounting media tend to cause some fading of hematoxylin probably due to its continued oxidation. This is however, generally not as rapid as the time period that you indicate. 
We have seen some problems in the past when batches of clearing agent (xylene, which is really a mixture of xylenes) had some contaminants and this problem was eliminated using better quality xylene.
One medium that retained hematoxylin was Euparal vert from George Gurr Co. This contained a copper salt that in effect produced a copper hematoxylin, much more resistant to fading. I wonder whether converting the hematoxylin to a copper hematoxylin or an iron hematoxylin might solve this problem  or perhaps incorporating a reducing agent in the mountant. Eosin fading is another problem. If you have old faded slides can look at them using fluorescence microscopy for the eosin.
Would be interesting to have a Histonet discussion of this.
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Subject: [Histonet] Fading of Hematoxylin

	Please help me in overcoming this problem. Hematoxylin in my H&E stained slides are fading in 1 month. I am using 'Gurr' make Hematoxylin powder to make Harrys' Hematoxylin. Fresh stain is prepared every 3 months. Kindly advise what to do.
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