RE: [Histonet] CAP and Computer Training

From:"Valerie Biendara"

See CAP Checklist, Laboratory General

GEN.44500             Phase II	N/A   YES   NO

Is there documentation that all users of the computer system receive
adequate training initially, after system modification, and after
installation of a new system?


The people who interact with the computer system must initially be taught
how to use a new system and must be trained on modifications to an existing
system.  There must be documentation of these training activities.

I'm preparing for my CAP for the Fall and I don't see anything mentioned
about computer training. If there is something, please let me know. I must
be missing it.

We have been going round and round over this. Someone has said that CAP
requires semi-annual refresher training on the computer system, but we
can't find any documentation. Help!!


Victor Tobias
Clinical Applications Analyst
Dept of Pathology
University of Washington Medical Center
206-598-7659 Fax

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