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We have been using B-Plus for about 2 years. Our pathologists love it and feel that it is equal to B-5. We have been required to eliminate the use of mercury products in our lab so this product has worked very exceptional for us. Trying to dispose of the mercury waste was getting to be a nightmare. Our pathologists only commented right after we started using this product that they noticed a very slight difference. They felt the difference was insignificant and adjusted quickly to the slight difference. Now they say that they can't tell the difference.....hmmm.
We had tried another product before discovering B-Plus that they just hated. I was thrilled that they accepted the B-Plus as I was out of options to try for a B-5 substitute.


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Good morning Histonetters,
	My hempath is asking me to look into a substance called B-plus? It's
supposed to replace B5. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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