[Histonet] restaining after HX, Kathy Abel, Biocare


we routinely stain for IHC slides which have not only been dunked in HX, but 
which have been stained, coverslipped and stored for a number of months as 
routine H&E's We don't usually have an issue with reactivity. (this happens 
mostly on prostate biopsies, and we use a pretty thorough antigen retrieval for 
these and all slides, except a few antibodies whose epitopes don't handle the 
heat very well.) A short hx bath won't affect anything in my opinion, I would 
not, however, decolorize the slides in acid alcohol, for us strong acid 
treatments (not the pH6.0 of the retrieval buffer) like decal or some decolorizing 
processes tend to reduce reactivity of certain antibodies (Pax 5 for instance)

Does anybody know if Kathy Abel is out of the office and when she might 
return? I must have left her about a thousand messages- HAHA

Biocare Medical Is a great company and even though I only spend like 10 bucks 
a month with them they still treat me like a VIP- I think their science and 
quality is among the best. I thought about their stainer and will consider it 
when when my present contract is up. Post another note after you use the thing 
for a while longer, will ya?
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