[Histonet] removing Eosin Staining

From:Gayle Callis

After taking off coverslip with xylene, rehydrate the slide - rinsing in 
70% or even going back to tap water rinse will take out some eosin.  Eosin 
is soluble in water and alcohol, if you take out too much eosin, just 
restain, preferably with a 70% alcohol rinse BEFORE the eosin, then rinse 
with 95% afterwards to differentiate the color.

Overstaining with eosin is a common problem - you may have to adjust your 
eosin staining time (less) for her next bunch of slides.  The famous 
Culling was adamant against too much eosin staining and warned people to 
beware - make it light, with 5 to 6 different shades of red to 
pink  (different tissue components will have a different red or tinctorial 
level) - and he felt most pathologists and other people were looking H&E 
with eosin much too red.

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