[Histonet] nissl strain


i did a nissl stain w. cresyl violet.  after my last xylene step i have been
letting the slides dry off, and i visulize them (w. out a cover slip, these
slides will be used for LCM), and the slides look great.

if after about 5 min of drying i look at them, all of a sudden this darkness
overcomesthe slide and the tissue looks black in color. i can actauly view the
blackness overcome the slide.

then if i redip it in xylene, the blackness goes awya and the slides look awsome
again. i find if i cover slip the slides prior to teh blackness, they preserve
in the good looking state.  why is this happening? how can i stop it from
happening w/ our a cover slip?  wat is going on here?

someone in my lab suggested oxidation, but i am not quite sure wat thta is all

ann arbor

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