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From:Jose Luis Palazon Fernandez

Dear Histonetters

First I would like to say hello to all of you after a time out of the histonett. 

I would like to stablish the presence of kupffer cells in a fish species. I am not on the sanitary-medical field so I am not used with some histological or lab procedures used in sanitary work.  I know that one of the procedures consist of inyecting ink to the animal and then the cells appear black in the slides but I dont know the detailed procedure used (i.e. quantity, pure ink?, where to inject, how long must wait until sacrify the animal, etc). Can any of you please let me know the detailed procedure indicating if some changes in tissue embedding is necesary?. It does not matter if the procedure if for a mammalian I will adapt it to fish.

thanks in advance

Josť Luis

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