[Histonet] ihc stainers, methyl green, ki67, DAB


i have a high volume lab and although the software is clunky, we have a biogenex optimax (40 sl) and 3 biogenex i6000's (60 slides each). we run them all simultaneously daily, (max 220 slides) sometimes up to 3x daily and we do the majority of troubleshooting and some servicing ourselves when necessary. I recommend them highly, but would like to try the newer Dako items of the volume could be matched. 

I make up methyl green fresh each use b/c I notice the staining reaction dies shortly in storage. 

i've been using KI67 forever and still trust it.

DAB- When I want brown /black, I use biogenex concentrate kits. When I want golden brown, I use Dako Kits. (both are relatively stable after mixing, The difference in color is important for choosing multiple stain reagents, not so much for single applications.

we make up H2O2 weekly, store at 4C and have no issue with background due to endogenous peroxidase.

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