[Histonet] Tissue Tek Coverslipper Model 4764

From:Diana McCaig

I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same issues we are having with
this coverslipper.  It started last week by skipping the occasional slide
and double coverslipping the one behind it.  Then it started so apply the
ribbon about 1 cm up on the slide instead of near the lower edge.  It would
also cut at various lengths.  No, when the slides pass, the ribbon is cut
but it accumulates by the rollers and the slides pass through
uncoverslipped.  The roll has been changed and it was allowed 24 hrs to
climatize prior to usage.  It has been cleaned and there is apparent debris
on the chains.  Any ideas?
Diana McCaig, R.T. 
Charge Tech, Histology
Chatham Kent Health Alliance
519-352-6401 (6604)

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