[Histonet] Staining of nucleus - real?

From:"Tan, MinHan"

Good evening,

I'd like to ask a question - we have recently purchased a polyclonal
cadherin antibody from Santa Cruz that does stain the inter-cellular
compartment, but unexpectedly, also stains the nucleus in some cells in
kidney tissue. (no other tissue reflects this kind of staining), as far
as we can assess. One pathologist thought it was a 'background' nuclear
staining; another felt it was likely to be a true stain. Although we are
using the ABC system, it is not a biotin-derived staining, since our
controls omitting primary antibody are negative and the staining is not

How can we evaluate whether this staining is due to the antibody binding
to the relevant antigen, or whether this reflects cross-reactivity, or
whether this is 'background nuclear staining'?

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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