[Histonet] MART-1/Melan A from LabVision or Neomarkers


   I have been trying to use MART-1/Melan-A epitope specific Rabbit Ab on
   paraffin  sections for flourescence based IHC. However, I see that the
   Ab  stains  quite  differently  from  Pan  Melanoma  markers  or  even
   monoclonal  Mouse  Melan-A.  I  use  pressure cooking for 15 min after
   boiling the water for my antigen retrieval. I have tried various conc.
   of  primary Ab and I tried varying the conc. of Alexa F(ab)2 secondary
   conjugate.  Does  anyone have a better experience with this particular
   Ab from LabVision or Novocastra?
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