[Histonet] Listserver notes from the admins

From:Herb Hagler

The problem with the multiple messages was due to one of the list 
subscribers having a badly configured computer/mail server that was 
reflecting all received messages immediately back to the server.  It 
took about a week to identify which subscriber it was.  There was no 
clue in the messages themselves.  A round of applause to Kenneth 
Simmons who is responsible for the list server hardware at UT 
Southwestern helping me solve the problem.

Advice for the future:
Please, please handle your own subscribes and unsubscribes by using the 
web interface for controlling your own list server changes.  The link 
for this is at the bottom of each and every message.  You also receive 
a message once a month telling you the email address you are using on 
the server and your password.  Please save this or write the 
information down. The link is: 

Please unsubscribe or check the option of no mail before you set an out 
of office reply.  The list does not care (other than hoping you have a 
nice vacation) nor need to know that you are out of your office.  This 
"feature" also causes lots of bounced messages and repetative messages. 
Each posting generates a reply and it really is annoying to 

If you notice that you are not receiving messages please login to the 
web address and check the status of your subscription.  When your 
mailbox is full especially hotmail and yahoo accounts, the messages 
bounce back to the list server.  After 5 bounces detected your account 
is automatically placed in a no mail status and you have to log in to 
the list server to change this back to receiving mail.

If you place subscribe and unsubscribe messages in the email they will 
be returned to you asking you to use the web interface. Linda and I do 
not always have the time to handle these manually, the list is just too 
large now for much hand holding by us.

Thanks for your support during this latest round of problems
Herb and Linda

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