[Histonet] Cox-IHC in uterus

From:Leclerc Jocelyne

Good morning!
I have problems with performing COX-2-immunohistochemistry on bovine uterus.

I haven`t found an adequate antibody yet. Those that I tried showed
excessive unspecific bindings (Merck Frost) respectively didn`t bind at all
(BD Transduction labs, mouse monoclonal clone 33).
Additionally,  employing a Vectastain ABC Universal  Elite Kit (rabbit and
mouse IgG) I have severe problems with background, especially in the
perimetrium and connective tissue.
Seems like the secondary antibody cross-reacts with the bovine tissue
although I did peroxidase block (0.3% in methanol for 30 min), avidin-biotin
block (Vector), the normal serum which came along with the Vectastain kit
and sometimes tried an additional protein block (Dako).

I would be very happy if anyone of you out there could share the experience
with me and help with finding an antibody an eliminating the
Thank you very much.

Jocelyne Leclerc

Jocelyne Leclerc
Institute for Veterinary Anatomy
Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich

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