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From:"Ant S."

   I'm  hoping  to  take the Board of Registry Exam this fall, and when I
   submitted  my  application, I had to note how much on the job training
   (OJT)  I  had by the date of application (*not the date of the exam!*)
   Unfortunatly,  as  of  the  application  date, I do not have enough to
   qualify  for  the  upcoming  exam. (I also do not have the appropriate
   schooling,  so  currently,  OJT,  also  known as "Route 3", is my only
   option.)   Does  this  mean  that  I  can not try for any future exams
   unless  I  have schooling?  I am confused if the cut-off date (1/1/05)
   for  Route  3 is for the application date or for the testing date?  Is
   this  upcoming fall/winter exam my last chance, before I have to heist
   myself back to school?

   Thanks in advance,


   Antoinette Swensson
   Univeristy of Washington/Harborview Medical Center
   (206) 731-3910

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