Re: cyclin D1

From:"Richard Cartun"

We recently eliminated "B5" from our laboratory.  I would encourage
everyone else to do the same.  We don't need anymore mercury in our

Dr. Richard Cartun
Director, Immunopathology
Co-Director, Histology
Hartford Hospital
Hartford, CT  06102

>>> "Martha Ward"  07/25/03 12:06PM >>>
I have found out from Vector (Novacastra) that their antibody is not
compatible with B5 fixed tissues.  This is a problem for us since that
is what our doctors like to use.  Right now we do the primary antibody
at a 1:5 dilution after antigen retrieval in citric acid for 4 minutes
in a pressure cooker, and do the detection on our Ventana NexEs. 
Sometimes it looks great and at other times it is "puny".  Any advice
concerning vendors, etc. would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks  in
advance for everyone's help.

Martha Ward
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

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