Re: bkg IHC

From:"Richard Cartun"

Which detection system are you using and are you using pretreatment?

Richard Cartun

>>> becky riesen  07/31/03 10:45AM >>>
I have specific staining in polys on my negative controls when the 
section is a bone core from bone marrow biopsies.  All other specimen 
types seem to be fine.  I have doubled the time in my H2O2 to 12 
minutes.  I have purchased new H2O2 in case I had an old bottle. 
I'm increasing the time more, but I use an automated stainer and 
this will lengthen the time of my entire run and I'm concerned about 
getting too long here.  I wonder if there are other suggestions, 
solutions, procedures that you folks could share that may help my 
situation.  THANKS!

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