Re: Xylene substitute

From:"Lina Vieira"


I send you a list of the some xilol substitutes that are avaliable in the

Xilol substitutes from vegetable source:

Histoleman by Carlo Erba (Italy) - I have use it with good results, but is
expensive and have a strong smell!;
K- Clear by Kaltec (Padova, Italy) - I am using it, is not very expensive
and have good results, but I donīt like the "embalagem";
Histoclear by National Diagnostics  - must be used with Histomount for
Bio-Clear da Bio-Optica (Italy);
Citrus Clearing Solvent by Microm International (compatible with the most
commercially produced mounting medums on the market;
Neo-Clear by Merck

 Others Xilol substitutes:
Clear-Rite 3  (aliphatic hydrocarbon) by Richard Allan Scientific (is not
compatible with the most commercially produced mounting mediums on the

Best regards

Lina Vieira
Lab. Histologia
Universidade do Algarve
Faro, Portugal

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> All
> Can someone give me a list of name for xylene substitute and the company
> make them?
> Thanks in advance
> Bruce Chung, MSM, CT(ASCP)
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