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I heard a lecture from a gentleman whom I would condier a brilliant MD(pathologist and former clinician) who was an absolute IHC expert and loved using IHC.  He gave the type of lecture you decribe, and when it came to the Her2neu and Herceptin he was heckled incessantly.  I felt bad for him, but he was graceful and backed up everything with current info.  Tread lightly my friend.  Discuss the use of panels or something.

Tom Wells <>

07/26/03 02:29 AM

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I have been asked to give a lecture on Immunohistochemistry.  My topic is: Advances in Immunohistochemistry.  I want to talk about antibodies that  are significant from a clinical point of view, not just the ones that confirm the diagnosis.  I was thinking of things like Her2/neu and the use of Herceptin, Estrogen Receptors and Tamoxifen, etc.   Some of the others that I have come up with include: Alk1, BCl2, BCl6, Etc. which are important indicators of survival.   I also want to speculate a little about the future of our field. Any other suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance. Tom.

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