Re: Specimens leaving the hospital

From:"Vinnie Della Speranza"

I've seen this happen at one facility I worked out where the hospital physician's did not accept the employee's insurance coverage offered by the very facility where the patient worked and the procedure was performed. Your medical board policy is the most important avenue to redress the removal of specimens from your facility.  I';ve also witnessed scenarios where the physician's conducted a job action of sorts and stopped admitting patients during a battle with hospital administration. your hospital may well be satisfied to receive the income from the surgical procedure under the belief that the revenue from lab testing is expendable because it is often minimal in the big picture.

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>>> "Richard Cartun"  07/29/03 05:33PM >>>
Has anyone run across a situation where patient specimens (inpatient or
outpatient surgery) have been taken from the hospital where the surgical
procedure was performed and sent to an outpatient laboratory for
diagnosis (completely bypassing the hospital laboratory)?

Richard Cartun

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