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From:"Agustin Victor Chertcoff"

Dears Histoneters
In Argentina I use old processor Shandom
Sometimes  introduce inside the wax or  second paraffin to initial Cycle of
Simply put of tissue in stove at 65║
The formol is evaporated
simply I returned the specimen or Biopses to new inmersion of wax or
Paraffin FOR 1:30 HOUR at 62 ║
I didnĘt have notice of alteration in the biopsyes
Not remove totally the parafin. Only remove the formalin
Excuse for my idiomatic errors

Ht Agustin Victor Chertcoff
Municipal Hospital of Gastroenterology
Patology Service
National Institute of Microbiology
Electron Microscopy Service
Buenos Aires City. Argentina

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De: "Nick Kirk (by way of Histonet)" 
Enviado: Viernes, 18 de Julio de 2003 02:10 p.m.
Asunto: RE: Processor failure

I must admit my original response was from experience with machines other
than the VIP , in fact mostly Thermo Shandon processors.
On them it works fine, but the retort only heats up to 45 degrees on that,
which has only ever been a problem with Thyroid tissue which does indeed go
a little harder, but even that isn't insurmountable.
Using softening agents post trimming usually works.

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From: Fred Underwood []
Sent: 17 July 2003 13:41
Subject: RE: Processor failure

A word of caution.  I have tried running tissue thru the purge cycle on the
VIP.  With the retort chamber being heated, the xylene gets quite hot.  The
tissue went from being sponge like to brick like.


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From: Nick Kirk 
Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 6:38 PM
To: Joey Wilkie 
Subject: RE: Processor failure

Processor failureOh dear, sounds like a bit of a disaster.
My advice would to "reverse process".
The most important thing you need to do is remove any wax that is present in
the tissue. There is bound to be a small amount of impregnation even after
what the tissue has been through.
This is essential before any repeat processing is attempted.
I would put the blocks through the "flush cycle" on the VIP, i.e. xylenes
(or substitute) followed by alcohols, preferably at 45 degrees centigrade,
to ensure complete wax removal and impregnation by the alcohol.
This should get your tissue back to a state where it can then be re hydrated
safely with minimal tissue damage.
Fixation would not appear to be a problem so you could miss that step out
when you re process to speed things up a bit.

Good luck

Nick Kirk
Head Biomedical Scientist
Hinchingbrooke Hospital
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  From: Joey Wilkie []
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  Subject: Processor failure

  Last week our embedded came in to embed and found that the tissue
was not
fixed.  After some investigation, we found that the some of the carbouys on
the processors had been misplaced.  Our tissue had gone through a 10%
formalin, a 100% alcohol , 50% alcohol , 80% alcohol , two 95% alcohols,
100% alcohol, back into a 10% formalin and then into two xylenes, and then
into four paraffin baths.  We are using a VIP processor.

  Now the question is how do we go about reprocessing the tissue.
Any help
that you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

  Thanks, Joey
  St. Mary's Hospital
  Grand Junction, Colorado
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