Re: Leica, where are you?

Hi Tresa,
I have forwarded your message to Robert in our EM Specimen prep group. I
might be able to answer  some of your questions if you want to call or
supply a phone number.

Don Birgerson
Leica Microsystems
Technical Assistance Center
1-800-248-0123  ext 5918

                      Teresa Flores                                                                        
                      07/28/2003 11:45         Subject:  Leica, where are you?                             

Representative from Leica, Robert Seiller email was returned. Will someone
from Leica, please contact me about a Leica EM Auto stainer. As requested
to Robert Seiller, our lab would like to have a demo or the following
questions answered, if possible.
Is the Uranyl Acetate and Lead Citrate readily available and of course, it
would be only through your company.
Has anyone stained spurr epoxy thin sections with the Leica EM Auto
Stainer, and if so, please have them contact me.
Thank you, Teresa

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