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From:Gayle Callis (by way of Histonet)

Hopefully, your histotechnology program taught you HOW to write a
laboratory procedure manual??? or at least has examples of protocols. This
would seem an important part of an educational program considering all the
rules and regulations clinical histopathology laboratories need to follow
and implement.  OR why not use the programs manual with the staining
methods you have learned?  Surely, they can give you a copy of what you
have learned/used during training.

Each manual is individual to a laboratory due to differing needs.  It would
be a good learning experience for you to write your own manual and/or
revise the manual already in place in your laboratory rather than depend on
someone out in Histoland sending you their whole manual which may not apply
to your laboratory.

Go to Histonet at, go to bottom of home page and click
on some of the sites - there are staining procedures in place that you can
use. Beware though, the procedure may NOT be the one you are using, hence -
YOU need to write it up rather than depend on someone to do it for you.

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