Re: Kappa, Lambda


we use the same Dako antibodies you do in monkey tissue (cynomolgus).
For both, we do AR with microwaving in citrate buffer, pH 6.
Dilution of primaries: kappa 1:2000 for 60 min
                                      lambda 1:3000 for 30 min
Hope this helps.

Antje Marcantonio
Novartis Pharma AG
BU Transplantation Research

28.07.2003 21:21

        Subject:        Kappa, Lambda

Hi All,

Wonder if anyone can offer any suggestions for help with background staining of Kappa and Lambda on Monkey spleen and lymph node. The antibodies are from Dako: Kappa polyclonal/rabbit (A0191) and Lambda polyclonal/rabbit (A0193).

Thanks for your help,

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