Re: Humidity Problem

From:Phillip Huff

One nice note about Drierite (or Anhydrous Calcium Sulfate, but
technically a mixture of 97% CaSO4 and 3% CoCl2) is that once the crystals
have absorbed moisture (noted by blue crystals turning pink then purple
when fully saturated), they can be 'reactivated' by baking at around 120
degrees C overnight.

We buy ours from W.A. Hammond Drierite Company, Ltd. in Xenia, Ohio


The dehydrant you're referring to is Drierite - costs about $1 for 100
> pounds (that's an exaggeration - but it's really cheap)
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> "Sylvia Poulos" 
> 07/31/2003 12:59 PM
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> Is there any way you can put some Damp-Rid in your cryostat chamber or
> in  the lab?  You can get the stuff at any walmart, hardware, etc...type
>  store.  Better yet, buy the active ingredient as a chemical and it
> should  be cheaper.  A much more expensive alternative, just in case the
> new a/c  doesn't fix the problem... buy a dehumidifier for the lab.
> Good luck,
> Sylvia Poulos
> USDA-ARS-Animal Physiology Research Unit
> Athens, GA

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