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I have tried crushed ice, but I don't believe it keeps the blocks cold enough, if that makes any sense at all.  I freeze a block of ice in a tray (about 8x11x5") at -20 (I don't have another freezer) - It lasts about 5 hours.  Crushed ice melts to water too quickly for me - and the tissue can soak up too much water.  With the large block, the water sinks to the bottom, and the faced tissue block is kept moderately moist.  WE SHOULD SELL THIS!!
Oh wait . .  . .

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Have you ever use crushed ice?  With crushed ice, you can sink the whole
block in the ice and it cool faster.  Just a suggestion.

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We use ice trays at our facility as well and the histotechs love them. I
have used cooling trays/freezers but ulitmately, we keep going back to the
ice trays and save hundreds of dollars.  I guess there are just some things
that you can't improve on with technology!

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