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I have used the Sakura tape coverslipper for about 5 years.  We occassionally see some "cornflaking" artifact, but usually when we re-coverslip the problem is gone.  Make sure your xylenes are very clean.  Contaminated xylene can cause the coverlip to peel off.  Don't let your slides get too dry.  We dispense a lot of xylene on the slides just to make sure there is no problem with the tape adhering.  I don't know if you recycle your xylene, but I was told to make sure the last xylene is always new and not recycled.

What kind of problems are you having?    

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I know this topic has been talked to death, but we are using the tape
coverslipper and would like feedback from others if they have used it with
good success or have you had problems.  We are experiencing some problems
and have been told that it is all in the procedure.  Do you/others have a
better procedure that you wish to share? How have you changed from what you
were previously told to do?  I really would like some feedback.

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