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From:Joey Wilkie

I have tried both the cold plates, that are sold commercially, and the ice
cube trays, that you can pick up anywhere.  I much prefer the ice cube
trays, they seem to stay colder longer and thay seem much colder.

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Subject: Cold Plates

     Could anyone share what is used as a cold plate for keeping blocks cold
at the microtome station?

     We will be remodeling in the near future and need to purchase a few
more cold plates.  What we have seems
     to be a gel pack wrapped in sheet metal.  It works very well but we
have no idea where they came from  -
     facility operations here doesn't remember ever making them and I don't
see anything like them in any of the
     catalogues I've been researching.

     Thanks for any help!

     Barbara Moe
     Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center
     La Crosse WI

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