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From:"Margaret Blount"

Dear Sylvia,

I suspect he will need to coat them himself. The recipe is as follows:-

Gelatin		2.5g
Chrome alum		0.25g
Distilled water  	500ml

The slides should be precleaned in acid alcohol and rinsed in distilled
water prior to coating (also called "subbing").
Add the gelatin to the water and heat gently to dissolve. Allow to cool and
add the chrome alum. Filter into a staining trough and dip the slides. They
should be dried in a dust free atmosphere, e.g. a 37C incubator. In my
experience, these will keep well at room temperature, but keep them in clean
slide boxes, I used to wrap them in tissue and put them into the boxes that
the slides came in.

I hope this helps, you should be able to get the reagents from Fisher

Best wishes

Margaret Blount
Chief Technician
Clinical Biochemistry
University of Cambridge
Addenbrooke's Hospital
Hills Road
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Subject: ChromAlum covered slides

Hi al,
We've got a visiting scientist who says he needs chrom alum coated slides.
Any idea of suppliers for these or will he have to coat them himself?
Thanks in advance! Sylvia

Sylvia P. Poulos
USDA-ARS-Animal Physiology Research Unit
Athens, GA 30605

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