Ab specific for cancer causing HPV only?

From:"kevin williams"

Dear All:
I am interested in finding out if anyone out there knows of a Ab that will distinguish HPV 16,18,31,33 and possibly 56. These I believe are the strains that are cancer causing. My pathologist, has been told that there is possibly an Ab out there that will selectively stain these only, not HPV of any other strain, Is she correct? I am aware of the P16 Ab for the cells of infected cells and I have been advised that there is possibly a Dextra Polymer product, but is there anything I am missing?
We do not have a cryostat or the ability to do FISH so any information on this area of expertise will no help us. That is at least a year away if I have anything to do with it.
Yours faithfully,
A.Kevin Williams.

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