staining frozen sections?

From:jason madore (by way of Histonet)

I am hoping that someone might have some advice on staining frozen sections.
I have been using 10um ovarian tumors fixed in 4deg acetone for 5min. I then
use dH2O for 30 seconds, histogene stain from arcturus for 20 seconds,
dehydrate through EtOH 30s each, then xylenes for 3 minutes. This process is
for laser capture. The slides are thus not indexed and the morphology is
highly variable. Sometimes I get good slides and other times I get sections
which look like spiderwebs. Once I got a funky crystal thing happening I
have attached a photo and would like to know what caused this?
keep in mind that this photo is of a non-indexed slide and is an example of
the worst architecture.
thanks for any help.

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