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From:Cathy Mayton

I wish there was an easy answer for your request for procedures for the processing stents.  Requests such as yours usually go unanswered on Histonet.  Unfortunately this information is held as proprietary information many the few labs that are in huge demand for the processing of these medical devices.  Unlike my days in an academia lab where we published all of our bone work the processing of stents is highly guarded.  There are only a handful of labs across the country that routinely process these stents.  As with the biotech companies that we serve who are working hard to beat their competitors to market with the new stent, the histo labs processing the stents are also very competitive.
When  fell into the processing of stents in 1996, I incorporated the processses we used for bone.  However, due to the needs of the biotech vascular intervention clients that we serve, I have had to tweak all of the protocols our bone lab originally published.  It is a good place to start to develop your own protocols.  We routinely process stents on a daily basis ranging from coronary stents to aortic stents that require microtomy or ground histology.  New stains or modifications of stains have been developed in our lab to meet the needs of our clients.  We are constantly trying to improve on the product that we produce for the clients and that is why you do not see publications for the processing of stents.
I know that this does not help you much but it does explain why this information is not readily available or shared by others.
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