high or low profile blades?

From:Gayle Callis


Are you cutting routine soft tissues with occasional bone samples the
majority of the time?  Then lows work well which is what most people use.  

If involved in bone research, then highs provide more stability but are
just as sharp as lows and cost the same.  

In research, where we get a large mixture of both bone and soft, we use
high, but we also have BOTH high and low holders to give us the options,
price was not a factor, choice per any given tissue IS the factor.
Consequently, we opt for high profiles 100% of the time for stability in

Personally, I would not buy a microtome without choice/capability for using
either a high or low, and if manufacturers are now making knife holders
difficult to change from one to the other profile blades, then shame on
them! Skilled microtomy can never be based on one blade profile over the
other, this should be optional at any time.   This was discussed a couple
of weeks ago, look at the minisurvey on who uses what blades the most in
what situation.  


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