Resources for Planning a New/Renovated Lab

From:Tracey Couse

Hello everyone,

Due to our current space crunch, our histology lab will be relocated.  I 
have been given the exciting task of submitting a proposal for the ideal 
histology lab.  I have researched the archives and have collected numerous 
replies, which will prove tremendously useful during this exercise.  I just 
wanted to put out one last cry for any other information or resources that 
may assist me on this project.  I see that there will be very helpful 
presentation on this subject at the upcoming NSH meeting, but unfortunately 
I need the information prior to that time.

A bit of background...numerous users may be present in the lab at any one 
time.  We perform a variety of histological procedures on a variety of 
sample types (frozen to paraffin to resin).  A current list of equipment 
includes a processor, microtome, cryostat, autostainer, embedding station, 
microscopy center (3 microscopes and a computer), flammable cabinet, 
refrigerator, ultra-low freezer, vacuum oven, Isomet Precision saw, a 
polisher/grinder and a band saw.  I also must consider future expansion and 
incorporation of new equipment duplicating some of the above pieces as well 
as possibly an Exkact system.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tracey Couse
Georgia Tech/Emory Center for the
    Engineering of Living Tissues
Georgia Institute of Technology
Phone: 404.385.2611
Fax: 404.385.2610

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