Re: sectioning fresh prostates

From:Sarah Jones

Dear Charles,
  I wonder if something like a brain matrix would help.  You might have to have one made up at a machine shop to fit the specimen.  Or, take microtome blades and put them together parallel to each other in such a way that you cut the entire specimen at once.  Similar to old hard boiled egg slicers that had several wires that cut through the egg.   

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>>> "Charles W. Scouten, Ph.D."  07/13/03 07:31PM >>>
Question:We are interested in obtaining fresh tissue from radical
prostatectomy specimens. For this we need to slice 2-3mm sections of the
fresh prostate which is a rubbery organ measuring approximately 5x5x5cm
(it can be somewhat smaller or larger). It is important to obtain whole
slices that contain the entire dissection margin of the organ. The
problem is that without fixation in formalin there is distortion of the
tissue after sectioning so a really sharp knife and a way to hold the
firmly is needed. Do you have a solution for this?

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