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From:Gayle Callis

You can also use BIZ detergent, an enzyme laundry detergent, 20% and heat
to 80C.  

I would drop frozen bones into formalin, let them thaw while fixing, after
fixation, rinse the bones really well to get rid of NBF that will kill the
enzyme.  Immerse bones wrapped in guaze, let them sit in 80C Biz until
tissues slip off - this macerates eats away soft tissues (and cartilage!)
rinse overnight in running tap water, then air dry, measure.  We did whole
cow skulls, leg bones with this method.  Bleached and perfectly preserved
but enzyme will also eat away any soft tissue attachments so expect knee
caps, tinier bones to fall off. NBF fixation tends to help keep things
together a bit.  The protocol doesn't smell bad not totally chew up the
bone collagen matrix. I have some perfect rat skulls and femur tibias
prepared this way.  

At 12:06 AM 7/10/2003 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi Histonet,
>I have inherited some legs (rat) - snap frozen at time of collection and
subsequently stored in a  -80 freezer.  I have been asked to measure bone
lengths (tibia, fibia, femur). The catch is if there is one is that the
entire leg has simply been removed from the pelvis, muscle and all and
stored.  Now obviously I could simply thaw the leg and remove the muscle
surgically but there are quite a few legs.  Might there be some alternative
solution - I am thinking something along the lines of a solvent that I
could stick all the legs into that would dissolve the muscle and not the
bone?  Any suggestions?
>Rohan Walker
>Doctoral Student
>Laboratory of Neuroimmunology
>University of Newcastle
>Callghan, N.S.W.  Australia.
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