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From:louise yarrow

Fred, I replied directly to Amy and thought I would give my experience with
blue haze.
We had our Gi's and other small tissue bx's showing blue haze. After trying
every thing we could change we did not have much luck until one day some one
had mentioned too much Sta-on in the waterbath could make the tissues blue.
I was able to demonstrate this on a bx with no bluing.  We had been using 10
ml Sta-on in 2000 ml water. We now only put 4 ml per 2000ml water and have
had no problems since.

Louise Yarrow
Tech II
Calgary Lab Services
Foothills Medical Centre
Calgary, Alberta
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Subject: RE: hazing H&E's

> Hi Amy,
>     Don't overlook that the GI lab or office could be the problem.
Allowing the biopsy to dry before placing in fixative.  Leaving the specimen
jar on a window sill allowing it to overheat.  Maybe a jar of old or expired
fixative.  Many offices or employees of other departments are not as
informed on how to handle specimens as they should be.
> Fred
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> Subject: hazing H&E's
>        Histonetters,
>        Hope everyone had a great holiday...... now back to work......
> in the past couple of weeks my docs are telling me that they are seeing a
> bluish gray artifact over some of the tissue.  I had to see it to believe
> and sure enough there it was.  It almost looks like the slides are not
> deparaffinized enough so we worked on that and the problem is still here.
> don't feel that it is a staining problem because it would be only 2 3
slides out
> of a days worth of blocks (100+).  We bought a microwave and started
> our slides in there, thought that that might be the problem but we did a
> comparison check on slides from the microwave and the drying oven.  Still
the problem
> is here..... The problem seems to be with our GI biopsies and so know I am
> wondering is there something going on with the tissue processor?  Any help
> be greatly appreciated......
>        Thanks,
>        Amy

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