Re: formalin fixation times

From:Victoria Baker


Our lab has a policy where all tissue is fixed for a
maximum of 24 hours in formalin.  After that the
tissue is washed in running water for 10 minutes and
then placed in 70% ethanol until processed.  Pellets 
are fixed for the same amount of time.  In our
processing we start at 70% ethanol, no fixation is
done on the processor at all.  The rate of fixation I
read is ~1mm per hour at rt. Most of the problems I've
encountered with fixation is too much tissue and not
enough formalin, or tissue jammed into a cassette thus
causing uneven fixation.  Between digestion or HIER, I
have very little trouble with the majority of the
antibodies I work with.

Vikki Baker
Institute for Cancer Prevention
Valhalla, New York 

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