Re: chamberslides versus coverslips

From:David Walker

I have also used Nunc's chambered coverglasses, they seem to work well for
inverted scope applications.
David Walker
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On 7/8/03 8:33, "Gayle Callis"  wrote:

> You wrote: 
> I'd appreciate your opinion on chamberslides vs. coated coversplis for
> neuronal cultures.
> David Moses
> Research fellow
> Monash Uni
> I have some questions
> What will be your way to examine these cultures, immunofluorescence,
> immunfluorescence for confocal scanning microscopy?
> Chamber slides are easier to handle in many ways than thin, fragile
> coverslips, but if you have to view the final stained and coverslipped
> GLASS chamber slide with confocal laser scanning microscope an inverted
> microscope then you can have the problem of the little chamber separations
> raising the coverslip away from the sample, changing the working distance
> of the objective. We use the NUNC chamber slides that have blue
> separations, rather than the removable gasket style.
> If it is standard fluorescence microscopy or light microscopy for
> immunostaining - whatever, then a chamber slide is very handy and certainly
> less work than necessity of coating coverslips, etc.  Since you didn't say
> what kind of microscope you were using (inverted or upright), there are
> very handy glass bottom dishes for this purpose, the bottom of the dish
> (small petri style) is a coverslip of various diameters and thicknesses for
> culture, etc and fine work for confocal using inverted scopes, nonconfocal
> inverted microscopes, or using water immersion lenses on an upright
> microscope.  So many ways to do things these days.
> Go to, they will send free samples, and some
> dishes are specially coated and sterile for culture work.  MatTek is the
> name of the company.
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