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From:Geoff McAuliffe

"Animal Tissue Techniques". Originally by Gretchen Humason, now by 
Presnell and
Schreibman. Good for non-mammalian and invertebrate methods.

"Histological and Histochemical Methods", third edition, by John 
Kiernan. Very comprehensive. If you can only buy one book this would be 
my choice.

Royal Microscopy Society Microscopy Handbooks. A series of slim 
paperbacks by highly regarded authors. Number 6 in the series is "Lipid 
Histochemistry" by Olga Bayliss High, #11 is on immunocytochemistry by 
Polak and van Noorden.

Leon Weiss edited an excellent textbook of histology (the 6th ed. is 
"Cell and Tissue Biology") for many years. Every edition I have seen had 
a good introductory chapter on Histochemisty by Helen Padykula. It is 
also an excellent text of histology. Older editions should be 
sufficient, inexpensive and available in a used book store.

Ralph Lillie's "Histpathologic technique and practical histochemistry" 
is long out of print, the last edition was in 1976. It is very 
comprehensive with extensive references but sometimes disorganized.

I am sure others on this list will have their favorites as well.


Jose Luis Palazon Fernandez wrote:

>Dear List-members
>I would like to buy some good books on histological, histochemical, and inmunohistochemical techniques for our library and would appreciate you advise at this respect.
>thanks in advance
>Jos#233# Luis Palaz#243#n Fernandez
>PhD student

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