Re: PCNA on guinea pig

From:Robert Schoonhoven


I've used Dako's PC10 anti PCNA  on a wide varity of  tissues ranging 
from human to yeast .   I dilute the primary at 1:100 and use their 
Envision kit, the whole procedure takes about 45 minutes (or less).  As 
most of my tissues are fixed for no more than 72 hours I have not needed 
to do antigen retrieval.  I'd be happy to send you my SOP if you like.

Robeert Schoonhoven

Victoria Baker wrote:

>Is anyone working on PCNA with guinea pigs?  I'm in a
>crunch and need to get an antibody that will react
>with guinea pig. Any info would be greatly
>Thank you.
>Vikki Baker
>Institute for Cancer Prevention
>Valhalla, New York  10595
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