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At the last hospital that I worked Labor and Delivery purchased a large refrigerator to store placentas.  All placentas were placed in labeled containers and kept for one week.  We purchased containers that would take up the least amount of shelf space but still contain the placenta.  Each day of the week had a shelf.  When the next week came around the shelf for that day was disposed of.  If there were any questions about the baby we had one week to retrieve the placenta.  Nursing would retrieve the placenta and put it in formalin (unless cultures or genetics were required).  We also had a separate information form that accompanied all placentas.  We still received all high risk etc. placentas. 
Jennifer MacDonald
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We only get the ones with irregularities, no prenatal care, high risk and C-sections.  This works out to about 25% of the deliveries.  However, our pathologists would like to get them all.  Just as we no longer exempt tonsils, moles etc., it is primarily to protect the hospital, OB/gyn et al.  Lack of placental examination leaves an opening for litigation when suit is brought on behalf of a child demonstrating significant developmental delays, but with an unremarkable birth record.  

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