Re: CD4, CD8

From:Susan Q Wells

Rat Frozen Spleen, Thymus, L.Node

CD4 cat. # 554835 , CD 8 cat # 554854  Mouse anti rat (.1ug/ml ) from BD Pharmingen.

All reagents from DAKO except the primary.Run on Autostainer.

5 min. peroxidase block (with na azide)
30 min. primary incubation at room temp.
15 min in Link from LSAB2 HRP  rat kit
15 minutes in label from LSAB2  HRP kit
DAB 5 min. wrote:

Does anyone have any experience and or protocol for demonstrating  CD4 and CD 8 in fresh and  or paraffin embedded tissue

in animal tissue.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.



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