Re: CAP/cryostat disinfection

From:Mary North

Recently having a CAP inspection, I contacted Maureen Doran with the NSH Health and Safety Committee and I quote from one of the references she sent:  "Ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol...are rapidly bactericidal, rather than bacteriostatic, against vegetative forms of bacteria; they are also tuberculocidal, fungicidal, and virucidal but do not destroy bacterial spores.  Their cidal activity drops sharply when diluted below 50% concentration, and the optimum bactericidal concentration is in the range of 60% to 90% by volume."
  Standard sterile alcohol prep pads contain 70% isopropanol.  I would suggest using this concentration of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol as the CAP suggests and follow with 95-100% alcohol to facilitate drying.
Mary North, HT(ASCP), HTL
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, OR

>>> Paula Wilder <> 07/08/03 10:09AM >>>
Hello everyone!

I was just looking over the CAP recommendations for routine decontamination
of the cryostat.  It suggests cleaning regularly with 70% alcohol and
decontaminating with a tuberculoidal disinfectant weekly.  We do
approximately 30-50 frozens weekly.  My question - would the 70% alcohol
need to be followed by acetone to prevent freezing?  Does anyone
decontaminate their cryostats weekly - the older models would require an
excessive amount of work?  We have a Shandon model as a backup which uses
formalin for fumigation, so that would not pose such a problem.  Any help in
this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much!
Paula Wilder
St. Joseph Medical Center
Towson, MD 21204

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