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From:Chan Wai Kam

Hi Cathy,

Actually it's my colleague who do these undecalcified bone specimens,
some with implants.  Our lab is still not so much into undecalcified
specimens but more on decalcified ones, though we would like to expand
on the former.  He used to have this problem with the sections fallling
out or swelling during removal of MMA.  

We've been trying to locate a supplier for the cyanoacrylate glue we
heard about.  May we have the address of the supplier of this glue or
the super glue you mentioned (is this Technovit 7210)?

Thanks a heap

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Dear Julee C,

You did not explain enough about the type of sections that you are
trying to deplasticize.  However, I get the impression that the sections
may be ground histology.  If so, you cannot deplasticize ground
sections.  Some stains will penetrate with the aid of heat and others
need the sections to be etched prior to staining.  We use 5% formic acid
for 10 minutes for etching sections prior to staining.

In regards to the the glue needed.  You can purchase Technovit 7210 from
Exakt Technologies but you will also need to purchase the slide press as
well because the Technovit is cured by light.  However, you can also use
a cyanoacrylate glue instead.  We use the original brand Super Glue.

Hopefully this sheds some light on your problems.

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